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This is exactly what we look for here on Lock Jude and thats why this one gets a full 5 stars from us. every single pin in this lock is designed to make picking it as hard as possible. This pick is a clever design that will. Note: Make sure that what you attach this lock to is strong, there are several reports of people finding that thieves have been able to get past this lock not by breaking it but by cutting or breaking what its attached to. As you rotate experiment with your levels of tension. The high quality Disc Detainer Padlock Pick is ever so versatile and user-friendly, and can be operated regularly without becoming damaged in the process. padlock set with master key. After understanding the mechanism of this lock, you can start learning how to pick disc detainer locks. An error has occurred. You wouldnt be able to break it if even if you were trying.There are only a handful of people in the world that have ever opened one of these locks. Disk Detainer Picking.pdf - 580 kB. Alternative protection against bumping is the disc detainer. Obviously, there is no, Read More 6 Strongest Bike Locks: Uncuttable and UnbreakableContinue, Whether youre padlocking a locker at school, locking your trailer, or securing your bike, finding the best padlock is crucial. This lockpick is one that was designed by none other than the LockPickingLawyer and Bosnian Bill themselves. Lock remains safe but its duplicate key is made with the help of keyman. This all means that brute force, bypasses and cutting is off the table for this little bad boy of a lock.Finally the lock core reviewed by Bosnianbill this lock is a nightmare even for the best lock pickers out there. Disk detainer locks come in various shapes and sizes, but their essential qualities stay the same. 7. the big difference they have is that the body of the lock extends up to protect the shackle from being cut. There are many mass-produced locks these days that have major design flaws that allow people to bypass them in a matter of seconds. Oh no! None of this information should be used to pick locks that you do not own, or have not been given the expressed permission of the owner to open. The tumbler discs carry a lock bar (21) in a groove (20) of the lock cylinder (22) thereby preventing the lock cylinder from rotating within to an outer cylinder (18). This meant that they dont get the same advertising benefit from the lock but it increased its security. The greater the amount of tension, the stronger the feedback will be when the sidebar falls into a gate. While the gates are misaligned, the bar will be elevated in a way to jams up the internal workings of the lock. Woodland Hills, CA. Making the lock much harder to cut the shackle. A resource for consumers, locksmiths, and security professionals. The direction that the disks are rotated in is inconsequential. Oxford Boss 46 16mm Shackle Disc Lock. They also look very different and generally speaking are more secure than standard key mechanisms mainly due to they require special tools and skills to be able to pick them open.They are used regularly on bike locks, high-security door locks, and in some higher-security padlocks. About a medium size for a padlock, the commando total guard really is built to be a real pain for anyone that doesnt have a key. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Privacy Policy. With false gates, manipulation will be made more difficult. What makes a disk detainer different than other locks? Some wafer tumbler locks use a stack of closely spaced wafers designed to fit a specific contour of a double-sided key and . Our client profile ranges from lockpicking hobbyists, professional locksmiths, and Law Enforcement / Government Units. They will protect your belongings and be fine. Be aware of your protections, and take your security seriously. anti-cut plate provides genuine 360 degree lock protection. Tap the target to detect your current location. The plug can rotate when all wafers are at the shear line. As a quick note, there are some less common types of picks to match somewhat less common types of locks, which are also typically high security. Lockpick Guide included with all pick sets. But more importantly, we will show you where you can get them. Having trouble with a lock then post you question here. The Master Lock 40TRI Stainless Steel Discus Padlock features a 1-9/16in (70mm) wide stainless steel body for maximum strength, reliability and corrosion resistance. These special locks will likely require special types of picks to open. Add to cart. Once you have decided that a disk is not binding, go ahead and reset that disk to zero (fully rotate it to either clockwise or counterclockwise depending on your original choice). It offers optimum resistance against physical attack and picking. That being said its not one you want to be carrying around with you.Great for use on a lock and chain, a thick hasp or a big ground anchor is where this lock will work best.Plus its matte black and everyone loves matte black. If you are buying a lock with a decent 8mm hardened steel shackle just to be installing that on a hasp that is very thin then a thief will simply cut the hasp that the lock is attached to.Physical security needs to be thought of holistically. Therein lies the rub of disk detainer locks. On the website, I write about a wide range of topics related to locks and security, including reviews of lock-picking tools, tutorials on different techniques, and articles on the latest security trends. Keep in mind this kind of lock isnt really suited to use with a chain, although it would work the chain is very exposed and would mean that protecting the shackle for the lock is redundant as someone could just cut the chain.When combined with the right mounting hardware these locks are extremely secure and are some of the highest security options available. Its also hard to find something to attach it to that is strong enough to make it worth it.When you have a lock of this size securing something it makes more sense to cut or break whatever it is attached to rather than trying to get into the lock.This is a dual custody padlock meaning that you need two separate keys to open it. In order to pry most of these clips all, you will need it a flat blade screwdriver. A false gate is a groove that will not align the sidebar to the correct height. Disc Locks: An ABUS Invention The disc lock is a special form of the padlock with some distinct advantages. To pick the lock, you need to pressure the tension wrench to force the sidebar into the true gate. It is kind of difficult to polish the inside of tension handle (the surface that will slide against the shaft of the pick handle), but you should be able to roll up a piece of sandpaper and slide it around the inside. Core Shims. Your message has been sent. All of this information exists for educational purposes and should not be used for criminal activity. There are several ways that the cheaper disk detainers can be exploitedwithout picking. Lock Judge is a site dedicated to helping people find good quality locks and lockpicks with knowledge from the lockpicking community.All the locks we review have been tested and reviewed by the lockpicking community so you can be sure that the locks we are displaying are the most secure available.Read more about Lock Judge, LockJudge 2023 | As An Amazon Associate I Earn From Qualifying Purchases., Please enable JavaScript in your browser to submit the form. Color as shown. There are many other types of locks for more specific purposes available, too many to cover here. 100 new high quality. These methods will not work on every brand or model of disk detainer because they rely on the use of low-quality materials. If it will not fit, then its a false gate. Brands such as Abus, Kryptonite, and Abloy have used this technology to make truly exceptional products. A disc-detainer is type of lock design that uses rotating discs as locking components. Does it use the same pin tumbler system as so many other locks? These elements have grooves that keep them from being perfectly circular. Wide (Keyed Different), Disc Keyed Padlock, Abuff 2 Pcs Discus Locks Stainless Steel Round Padlock, 2-3/4 inches Heavy Duty Rustproof Disc Padlock, Keyed Different, ABUS 82/70 Monoblock Brass Padlock Keyed Different, Schlage Lock Company KS23D2300 Padlock, 1-1/2" x 5/16", Brass, ABUS 24/70 Diskus Stainless Steel Padlock Keyed Alike, ABUS 83CS/55-300 Schlage Rekeyable Chrome Plated Brass Padlock, Zero Bitted, DELSWIN 4 Digit Combination Disc Padlock with Hardened Steel Shackle Outdoor Combo Gate Lock for Sheds, Storage Unit, Garage, Fence(2 Pcs), Unbeatable BigPantha Motorcycle Security Locks, All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. 0. previous (281) Weird 10-Pin Euro Cylinder Picked Open - BosnianBill's . Add to cart. Once the metal pieces are sliding over each other nicely, the pick tip will often need to be refined. The list here is not exhaustive by the way and does not apply to any Abloy locks: Just like a standard pin tumbler, the bitting of the key corresponds to the individual mechanisms in the lock. The difference is that the discs are rotated by a key instead of a dial. The Silver Bullet is the ultimate disc-lock picking tool, efficient against 97% of disc lock brands on the market. Slider locks that use laser cut keys with channels on the flat sides can also. padlock set with master key. Flags are also known as dimple picks. See theLockPickingLawyer discuss it in this video.The key for this lock is like nothing you have ever seen before and will have people asking you about it. These are the most common types of padlocks and for most situations they are perfect. But, the lock core and pin can be removed by the owner, easily. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. The main anti-lockpicking feature of disc-detainers is the use of false gates (or notches), but more advanced designs include a disc locking system that prevents discs from being individually manipulated. Disc Detainers; Challenge Lock & Pass-around Tracker; UKLocksport Videos; Locksport Library . With this background, we will be able to better understand how these locks can be picked and the other ways they can be exploited. In most designs, the discs interface with a sidebar that prevents them from actuating the locking bolt until the discs are properly rotated. The Community Disc pick. For quicker zeroing you can use a flat piece of metal and turn all the disks at once. Lockpicking tools designed for disc-detainer locks closely resemble the 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 picks used with lever locks. Depending on the type of disk detainers you will be picking, you may need to take as much as half of that metal off. Once the metal pieces are sliding over each other nicely, the pick tip will often need to be refined. This lock is still a beast, coming in at 2.2kgs this thing is huge and most thieves will be turned away simply by looking at this thing. Master keying is made possible by wafers with stepped or otherwise segregated bitting areas that interact with the change and master keys. A disc-detainer lock, also called a disc-tumbler, Abloy lock, or simply disc lock is a high-security keyed lock that uses a set of discs similar to those used in a combination lock. Thus, youre back to square one. . A low-security type of lock would be something like the one in the picture, where it only has 4 pins and the key does not have very great bitting to make it harder to pick.To find a higher security lock look for one with a key that has a much more pronounced pattern and is more complex with more ridges and valleys than the one we have pictured here. There will also be a sheath type of metal that will slide over the shaft of the pick handle. Infamous for their unique and sometimes crazy-looking keys, the warded lock is among the simplest locking mechanism ever developed. Mul-t-lock has a great little lock here, with Mul-t-locks high precision telescopic pin tumbler system. Add to cart. Padlocks are one of the most versatile locks on the market, but with so many high-quality options, you should choose the right one for you. When you are dealing with a lock that has false gates, it will be more difficult to determine if the gate is true or false. This is just a super practical lock and it even looks great. Products Related to Disc Detainer Cam Lock, Zinc Alloy, Brass, Steel, Stainless Steel 17.5mm Radial Pin Cam Lock with Master and Manage Key Systems 22.5mm Radial Pin Cam Lock, 7, 10 pins, Master, Manage Key Systems Continue with Recommended Cookies, #mc_embed_signup{background:#fff;clear:left;font:14px Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif}

. They are very easy to produce but can vary in their security level significantly.Some of the factors that contribute to the security of a normal keyway are. Jump to page: . (13:31 plus 1:01:48 of supplemental videos), Download 27 - Bypassing Locks by bosnianbill, Download 22 - Core Spinners by bosnianbill, Download 10 - Tensioning Tips for Paracentric Keyways by bosnianbill. In most designs the discs interface with a sidebar when properly rotated to allow them to actuate the locking bolt. Safe Deposit Locks Help pay for stuff to review, break and talk trash about, and maybe even give away when we're done. There are a number of factors to look at when buying a padlock. A disc detainer lock pick. Category: So where is the unrakeable replacement core that I can buy to upgrade my useless puck lock to at least hard to pick status?!? Disk detainer locks have as much variety as pin tumbler, lever locks, wafer locks, etc. This is the smaller, more useful, brother, of the SS100CS padlock below. Instead of an L you are looking for that bend on both sides of the tip, appearing more like a T. . Flaws in the lock design are also known as bypasses. On the standard disk detainer picks, this is as simple as removing the Allen screws from the shaft of the pick handle. It will be shaped like a donut with two bolts protruding from either side. Would love your thoughts, please comment. prev next Master Locks August 8, 2013 Bill0 (352) Master Lock's 8184D Disc Detainer U-Lock LockLab is Fan funded! You're in luck, we have technicians in your area ready to assist. . Lock Pick Shop - This puck lock from PACLOCK is a great design that is very surprising that we have not seen more often. When the true gates are moved into the correct position the sidebar will fall into place and no longer restrict the rotation of the plug. material metal. 59 reviews |. My vises are made by Panavise, a U.S. Company. Lockpicking Detail Overkill.pdf - 1.28 MB . After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Hey guys. and our When you feel like the pick hit a groove, try rotating it toward the sidebar. Its not too hard to look at most of these points when buying a padlock. This lock is super hard to pick since plastic gives very different feedback than metal and it doesnt take kindly to heavy tension. Where a lock maker will produce a lock that is very resistant to picking only to have a plastic lock body or some other similar issue. disk detainer pick. This lock took the punishment of 120 rounds of armor-piercing ammunition and didnt fail You can see them try to take this one down here.The shackle of the padlock comes completely out of the body unlike most padlocks this allows the shackle to be locked down on both sides and makes it fit tightly into the shroud stopping it from being turned to remove a chain even if the shackle is cut. hi I want to buy a padlock which is unpickable. The Silver Bullet meets the needs of several applications. Great place for tips. At the very least try to wipe the surrounding materials down with a dry rag . 4 Simple Methods, Locked Keys In Car? This means that unless someone has the right tools and knows what they are doing a thief will not be getting into it. Spacers are completely open in the middle. We will look into it, thanks for the recommendation. We dispatch orders promptly every day and we have a 30-day, easy returns policy. This is a classic part of the essential locksmith kit for getting into more locks. (When the above tools fail, angle grind it to death!) Closed shackle padlocks are very similar in design to standard shackle padlocks but they are a higher security design, you dont often find smaller versions of these as they are designed to be medium to high-security locks so having a closed shackle small padlock doesnt really make much sense. High-security 5-pin cylinder with 10 security pins, Hardened alloy steel with Black Granit coating, Different security types for the key pins. Diameter Shackle, Discus Lock for Storage Unit, Sheds, Garages and Fence, Master Lock 410RED Lockout Tagout Safety Padlock with Key, ABUS 75IB/40HB40 Marine Grade Chrome Plated Brass Padlock with 1 1/2" Stainless Steel Shackle, Keyed Different, ABUS 20/70 Diskus Stainless Steel Padlock with 3/8" Shackle, Keyed Different, Made in Germany, ABUS 37/55MB50 KA Granit Alloy Steel Padlock Keyed Alike (Code 5544653) with 2" Long Shackle, FJM Security SPRS60-KA Heavy Duty Shrouded Padlock With Triple Chrome Plating, Keyed Alike, Zarker J45 keyed Padlock - Stainless Steel Shackle Lock,Container storages, Warehouses, Vehicles Outside, or etc, Suitable for Places Have Bad Condition of Weather - 1 Pack, KAWAHA 21/40KD-3K High Security Stainless Steel Shrouded Padlock with Key for Both Indoor and Outdoor use (SUS304 Stainless Steel, Heavy Duty, Anti-Rust) (1-9/16 in. The cordless angle grinders available today are great. It uses a unique design that is extremely hard to pick, making this a black belt lock and is one of the most secure locks currently available. Nice work Commando Lock! Once you are educated on these types of products, it will be easier to make a purchasing decision. Inventor Emil Henriksson first implemented his creation in 1907 with the Abloy Classic. The key to the lock will run through the length of the cylinder, entering the hole in each disk. The round body makes this especially hard to hit the lock in a way that will cause it to break. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Disc detainer. The bitting for the keys are the angles that are cut on the sides. Once you have a better understanding of the interior of the lock it is time to start picking. Yes, thats right, every single pin in this lock is designed to make picking it as hard as possible.All together this is the kind of lock that we want more of in the industry. Small enough for general use but not too small that is not strong enough to put up with some punishment. Color as shown. Packing: 2pcs of Disc Detainer Padlock Pick Tools Set What is a lock detainer? The little grinder bits can melt into the paint and start to rust. Master Lock Heavy Duty Outdoor 2-Pack 1-1/2-in Shackle x 2-in Width Steel Keyed Padlock Model # M5XTLF Find My Store for pricing and availability 399 Multiple Options Available Master Lock 1-1/2-in Shackle x 1.78-in Width Aluminum Keyed Padlock Model # 141DLF Find My Store for pricing and availability 343 Master Lock This pick is a clever design that will make quick work of detainer copies, such as Blackspur and Monterey.

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